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Images of coastal and bay wildlfe.
From the very small to the very large, the wild life can be very similar yet very different from area to area. The great blue heron seems like it is every where but the monarch butterfly appears only in certain places at specific times of the year.
Monarch on the wing - Tilghman MDCherry BlossomsOwl out on a LimbPelicanEagle on Stumpcanada geeseHeron taking flightBuffle HeadGreat Egret in Black Water Wild Life RefugeGreat Egret WadingEastern Fox Squirrelsilver lake 1snow geeses centerville mdHeron and Pelican StandoffLarge Mallard FamilySnow Geese GlidingBlue Heron ReflectionBee on  spring flowerOsprey on nestEagle soaring