Lighthouses are unique and found on lakes, bays and oceans.
AL -Sand Island LighthouseFL - Crooked River LighthouseFL - Port St Joseph' s LighthouseFL - St Augustine LighthouseFL - St Augustine Lighthouse from the BeachFL - St Georges Island LighthouseFL - St Johns River LighthouseGA - Cock Spur Island LighthouseGA - Tybee Island LighthouseMD - Bloody Point Light Kent IslandMD - Choptank River Lighthouse CambridgeMD - Thomas PointMD - Thomas Point and SailboatsMD - TurkeyPointME - Campobello LighthouseME - MarshallPointME - Owls Head LIghthouseME - Pemaquid Point LighthouseME - Pemaquid Point Lighthouse  RocksME - Rockland Harbor LIghthouse walk